Labor Day is taking on a whole new meaning as at least a thousand volunteers worked at the Trusted World Collection Center in Garland on Monday.

As we shift away from the immediate need for supplies and look into what people will need long-term, the items collection agencies are looking for are changing.

“This part actually makes me kind of sad, to think about about all these little babies,” volunteer Rachel Mulry said as she sorted through baby clothes. Mulry is a New Orleans native and knows this process all too well.

“I do know what bad hurricanes look like, so this is kind of an opportunity to pay back for what a lot of people did for my family during Katrina,” she said.

“It’s amazing the generosity of the nation, and the generosity of people’s times to make all this happen,” CEO of Trusted World, Michael Garrett, said. “This is the biggest operation we’ve done.”

An operation that has brought supplies to shelters non-stop over the last 10 days, but the need for supplies is changing from short term to long term needs.

Organizers say they can use clean underwear and socks, toiletries and cleaning supplies, as well as moving boxes to help pack the supplies.

They’re asking people for health reasons, to hold off on sending used clothing.

Above all, the most valuable item isn’t something you can buy.

“We need financial support to help keep the operation going,” Garrett said. “When all the awareness dies and everything is done, we’re going to be here sorting and operating and making sure the shelters are getting what they want.”