One San Antonio woman's Animoji video has been seen over 6 million times on Twitter!

An Animoji is an animated emoji that imitates one's facial movements from the selfie lens while recording your voice.

Naomi Sinclair's mom sent a unicorn Animoji video to her sister telling her she was on her way home and grabbing some Chick-fil-A before the video takes a little detour.

Sinclair shared the hilarious moment on her Twitter on Friday. It's since been seen 6.5 million times with over 100,000 retweets!

And mom wasn't stopping there. After finding out she went viral, she used the rabbit Animoji to voice her reaction.

Sinclair said she knew her friends would like the video but she didn't expect it to go viral.

"My family was really shocked when I showed them. When I posted it, I informed them but they didn't expect for it to blow up like it did," Sinclair told KENS 5.

As for that case of bronchitis, Sinclair said her mom is still battling it in this cold weather.