For decades, Sky Rides glided across the San Antonio skyline from 1964 to their closing in 1999 because of deterioration. But as of today, history buffs can revisit them.

Little Kara Grace is too young to even know what a Gondola is, but she was the first to sit in a refurbished piece of San Antonio history.

St. Philip's College auto collision refinishing technology students restored and repurposed Swiss-made gondolas that had a short life flying around Brackenridge Park in the 60s.

Daniel Salas oversaw three semesters as 30 of his students worked to bring them back to life, including 28-year-old Aaron Gurrola, who didn't even know what a gondola was.

"It was part of our basic medal class," Gurrola said.

On Tuesday, he realized the impact of this project on San Antonio's history.

"I think it's pretty cool that we got to work on them," Gurrola said.

Daniel Salas says that it was emotional for him.

"They refinished and they redid everything. My students worked for a year and a half."

This morning, the blue and red treasures that once glided across San Antonio's skyline premiered at Hemisfair Park for some vintage enjoyment.