HOUSTON- A Facebook video, posted January 2, 2018 has been viewed four million times as of Sunday afternoon. In the 1:52 video, you see a woman, who is wearing sunglasses while using a white walking stick to navigate a parking lot.

The woman appears to be blind. In the cellphone video, you watch the woman approach an SUV and use her hands to feel her way to the driver's side door. She manages to climb inside, and moments later she's seen driving away.

The video's been shared thousands of times, with dozens of comments on Facebook. “WTF,” wrote one man. “Is this real?” questioned another. "I think it was staged,” wrote one woman.

On the same day that now viral video was posted, another was shared too. In it, you see the same woman.

In that video, she is sitting on the hood of the SUV. She is seen putting on the sunglasses and pulling out the walking stick right before she says, “whatever you do, please do not text and drive.”

Patti Houston, a 55-year-old truck driver based in Arkansas, had no idea the video she starred in would garner so much attention.

“It has gotten ridiculous,” said Houston of the dangers on the road. A truck driver for more than a decade, she's watched what people do behind the wheel while driving on interstates.

“I can even see people Facetiming and driving down the road,” said Houston whose sister and mother helped her craft the social media stunt.

“If you're scared of a blind person driving, you know texting and driving is the same thing,” said Houston. “You're blind when you are texting and driving.”