MIAMI — For Esteban Bovo, Fidel Castro's death has been decades in the making.

The 78-year-old Cuban exile is one of hundreds that remain of the Brigade 2506, a CIA-sponsored group of men sent to overthrow Fidel Castro in 1961.

The mission failed.

"I cannot tell you that I'm happy that he's dead," Bovo said. "The only thing I'm sorry about is I could not dispose of him with our bare hands."

Bovo will be one of many to attend a planned rally in Little Havana, a Cuban and immigrant enclave in Miami.

The streets have emptied of traffic as police officers await the arrival of thousands coming to rally for political change in Cuba.

José Díaz is using the opportunity to make some business by selling $5 Cuban flags.

"I was thrown away by Fidel Castro," said Diaz, who arrived 37 years ago to the U.S. "They called me a chronic dissident."

Bovo, a part of the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association, said the rally is about reminding the world that Cubans want political change on the island.

Bovo doesn't expect change overnight, but he said he believes Raúl Castro, brother of Fidel and Cuban president since 2008, will have a hard time maintaining his power.

"It's mostly symbolic to express your opinion," Bovo said. "You never lose hope. There's always a tomorrow, hopefully better than yesterday."