COLLEGE STATION, Texas - As the probe continues into Hillary Clinton's emails, a Texas A&M professor who spent 25 years as a federal prosecutor has plenty to say about the original investigation.

Professor Ron Sievert with the Texas A&M Bush School recently wrote an article Oct. 17 detailing what he calls errors in the FBI's investigation of Clinton's emails.

Among other things, Sievert says the lack of an independent counsel and an announcement by the FBI director are significant red flags. But it's the lack of a grand jury he really wants to point out.

"It's one thing to sit down across the table from a couple of agents and be questioned," said Sievert. "It's another to answer the questions of the grand jury with an experienced prosecutor asking those questions."

Sievert also says a grand jury could have issued a subpoena for additional documents relevant to the case, resulting in a deeper investigation.