HOUSTON - Texans Tailgaters showed up with their game faces on Saturday.

“Oh man, we’re going to take it. We got to take it!” said Roger Mo, before the game.

Fans braved the cold, armed with warm soup, heaters, and lots of layers.

“I feel warm. It’s all about the layers,” said Vicky Wakefield.

“I have a sweatshirt, jersey, then I have an undershirt,” said Ethan Glaich. “I’m feeling pumped! Let’s go Texans!”

For once, it wasn’t so much about the food outside NRG Stadium, just fire. Tents were also useful warming tools to block the wind on the Wild Card weekend.

In the end, the weather was no match for Houston’s home team pride.

The Texans beat the Raiders 27-14.

Fans were all smiles as they celebrated the Texans moving on to the next round of the playoffs.

“Awesome, Awesome!” said Michael Kenneloy.

“It’s about time. It’s about time. We’re going to the Super Bowl,” said Jason Diaz.