HOUSTON - Earlier this week Bob Wolin claimed his Tesla was taken out on a joyride by a valet.

Now KHOU 11 News has obtained new information released by Tesla that offers a different explanation to what may have happened.

Wolin noticed an outrageous energy spike after getting his car back from the valet. He says he'd never seen a spike like that in the three years he's owned the car.

According to data provided by Tesla, between 6:10 p.m. and 6:11 p.m. Wolin's car experienced three "wide-open throttles." That means the car was floored three times. But Tesla says the car never got up to speeds higher than 45 miles per hour.

Tesla added: "Client must be aware that if the vehicle is turned on but not moving an energy spike can also show. That graph is based on distance per energy used, so if energy is being used but the vehicle is not being driven then a spike like that can occur once the vehicle is moved."

The valet company State Parking Services says their camera footage shows the driver took only seven minutes to get back, not enough time to go on any sort of joyride.

The owner of State Parking Services says it took Wolin's concerns and questions very seriously and they pride themselves in taking great care with customer vehicles.

Despite Tesla's new data, State Parking Services is still willing to offer Wolin a complimentary meal for any frustrations he may have experienced.