TOMBALL, Texas - Some students believe tensions have been mounting at Tomball High School.

“School should be a safe place and I honestly think it’s not a safe place,” said Kayvoscia Dixon.

Her unease comes with controversy swirling over social media.

Earlier this week, a tweet in support of Black Lives Matter became an issue when the girls in the background wearing Trump t-shirts asked that it be taken down.

On Friday, video surfaced online showing a student wearing a makeshift KKK costume around campus.

“Everybody had it on their social media, snap chat, Instagram, Twitter,” said Edzally Parra. “And everybody was like 'Wow, I can’t believe he really went through the time.'”

According to officials, administrators responded to the incident and the student in costume is being disciplined. A spokesperson also said the district “does not tolerate this type of disruptive behavior.”

But one young woman said students at the high school have never seemed so divided.

“There has never been anything like this ever,” said Christina Ghattos. “It just got worse this year, I guess.”

Some students have had enough.

“It needs to stop,” said Trajon White. “It has to stop.”