KINGWOOD, Texas – A clever teen in a town north of Houston figured out a way to find humor in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Caleb Budde used Harvey to ask his friend Casey to their high school’s homecoming football game and dance.

With his mom’s help, Caleb came up with the poem, “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, my house flooded and yours did to.”

He painted his poetry on poster board and added the question, “Will you go to HoCo with me?”

“Why cry anymore when you can laugh about it. You’ve got to find some humor in it” Budde said.

Casey Smoot said yes to the date, “At first, I didn’t see the sign, I just thought he was asking me, and then I read it and I just started laughing so hard.” said Smoot.

Both Budde and Smoot are freshman at Kingwood Park High School. The two have been close friends since elementary school.

In August their homes, like many in Kingwood, flooded, both families had to be rescued by boats, both are now living in their homes' second stories.

The two teens insist they’re only friends, adding their parents aren’t letting them date anyone yet.