Through the storm we've seen ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Even before Hurricane Harvey delayed the start of school, one teacher started cooking for strangers.

"It was one of the nights of the storm and I was sitting on the couch, I had made some meals for one of my friends, and then I was like 'I could do this for other people,'" said Jacqui Hertlein, a teacher and coach at Grace School.

She's a teacher by trade and mother to 11-month-old Brynlee. Hertlein took inspiration from her grandmother's love of cooking and started a GoFundMe page.

"Within a few hours it already hit $500 dollars, so I was like 'Hey babe, I already raised $500 dollars, I'm going to up it.' We tried to get JJ Watt's attention too, we started hashtagging him on everything," she said.

The page took off, 91 donations reaching $5,000. Surprising even her biggest fan.

"We were watching the storm on TV and outside... all of a sudden she has thousands of dollars," said Mike Hertlein, her husband.

On Thursday night's menu: Chicken Parmesan.

"Every time we go to the grocery store, we're feeding 19, 20 people," she said.

School may be back in session, but she's still cooking after class and using volunteers from Grace School to help.

"Parents are stepping up and while I'm at school, they're coming to do deliveries during the day," said Hertlein.

An army of angels helping hurting families after the flood.

"Just to make sure we're putting a smile on somebody's face that really had a hard time, knowing that they have a warm cooked meal, because I know after I work a long day, that's the one thing I love coming home too," she said.

An idea that started in one teacher's kitchen with a heart to serve.