CenterPoint Energy’s plan was to cut off the power of homes that had standing flood water, but residents complained they were also cutting off power in homes that didn’t have any water at all.

In Briar Grove Park by the Buffalo Bayou, there are a few streets with water up to the roofs of cars and some homes there lost power but didn’t have any water inside the property.

Dan Alford did everything he could to get ready for the hurricane, but he wasn’t ready for this. “The power went off” he explained as he opened his empty refrigerator door. “I had to throw it all away” he said.

Dan called CenterPoint to let them know the power was cut off, “I told them… it was by mistake because not only am I not flooded but I’m not even on the red zone of the evacuation map” he explained.

But he was told to wait patiently.

Maggy Baker who lives with her family two doors down was told the same thing, “They told me that this house was somehow on the list to have cut out and they would need the city to clear them to put the power back on.”

Here’s the crazy part, down the street from Alford and Baker’s you’ll find a home with flood water almost covering the entire AC unit. “The air conditioner is cycling, the lights are on, this is the house they need to have the lights turned off.” said Alford.

We asked Alford what went wrong, “lack of communication, lack of organization, bad planning” he said. “Apparently, you’re now flooded until proven dry and we ought to reverse that”