2018 starts with a bang tonight with the first of two 'supermoons' for the month. The moons orbit around the earth is elliptical, and tonight the moons orbit is in 'perigee' meaning the moon is at it's closest point to the earth. When perigee happens at the same time the moon is full, we call it a 'supermoon.'

Then, on January 31st, we'll do it all over again with yet another 'super' full moon. When two full moons happen in one calendar month, we call it a 'blue' moon. So this second full moon will be called a 'super blue moon.'

But wait, there's more. The full moon on the 31st will also involve a lunar eclipse, visible on the west coast of the U.S. Now, lunar eclipse moons are also known as 'blood' moons, due to the reddish hue that the moon takes on during the eclipse.

So yes, you guessed it, this second full moon of the month will be known as a 'super blue blood moon.' Awwwwwww-oooooooooooo!