The Corsicana Police Department announced Thursday it was searching for the person who threw a puppy into a residential trash can and left her at the curb on trash day to be dumped.

Police said a young boy heard the puppy and lifted her out of the garbage can. A Good Samaritan, who saw him find the puppy, stopped and helped by rushing the animal to the Corsicana Veterinary Clinic, according to police.

The Corsicana Veterinary Clinic said the puppy's ears had been cut off and she was "visibly shaken."

"With no one to claim her, we decided to take her in and help her get well," the Corsicana Veterinary Clinic explained on Facebook. "After a thorough examination, it was obvious that her ears were very infected, she was infested with fleas, and extremely hungry."

The clinic, animal control and police are working together to find the person responsible.

If you have any information that could help investigators, please call police at 903-654-4902.

The puppy has been named Collins.