HOUSTON—A glance around Mary Schlett's home reveals the artifacts of democracy.

The hundreds of campaign buttons she’s collected read like a political journal for a World War 2 baby who always hoped a woman might be president one day.

The 78 year old said she always believed she’d see a woman president one day.

Her confidence came to form as a small child. Schlett’s father was a Doctor, and her mom was the second certified female pharmacist in Texas.

That's why she savored the moment several weeks ago when she checked the box for Hillary Clinton on her mail-in ballot.

"It was like getting something that you wanted all your life. You know, you've wanted to see all your life."

She'll be working on election day as a polling precinct judge. And after the final votes are counted, she plans to be somewhere close to a television watching the culmination of a lifelong dream.

"I've imagined in my mind what she would say and the point she would make. It's bound to have a very strong impact on young girls. Because they can see her on television and people will say that's the President of the United States."