HOUSTON – Pre-election polls predicted Hillary Clinton would win several states that ultimately went to Donald Trump. How did they get it wrong?

Ask all you want, but some people just do not dish on their personal politics to strangers.

“I think the vote is a secret,” Malick Toukourou, a voter said.

After Trump stunned poll predictions, imagine what pollsters would give to see what’s really on voters’ mind.

Before election day, polls showed Clinton leads in the key battleground states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. Predictors thought she won them all until she didn’t.

KHOU 11 News political analyst Bob Stein said predictors overlooked undecided voters.

“There’s no question a significant, probably close to 60% of Trump’s voters were people who made a late decision in that state to go for Trump. They may have been undecided. I don’t think they were ever Hillary Clinton voters.

Stein said some pollsters in states like Michigan probably did not interview voters in rural areas where turnout for Trump proved to be enormous.

“It’s amazing for me,” Toukourou said. “It’s amazing.”

Voters expect poll strategies to change. However, not all of them expect different results.