Early voting begins in just four days.

A record number of Texans are registered, but many may still not know ballot box basics.

Election volunteer Louise Glenn didn’t know when early voting started.

“And imagine, I’m even a deputy voter registrar,” Glenn said. “I should know that.”

Early voting in Texas begins next Monday, Oct. 24 and runs through Nov. 4. Election Day follows on Nov. 8.

You must have a voter identification when you arrive to cast your ballot. The most common ID is a Texas driver license.

Other options are a Texas Election Identification Certificate, Texas personal identification card, Texas handgun carry permit, U.S. military identification card, U.S. citizenship certificate, and U.S. passport.

If you don’t have a valid ID, there’s a process to follow with documents like a valid voter registration certificate, certified birth certificate or current utility bill.

Otherwise, you’ll need to fill out what’s known as a provisional ballot.

In that case, your vote only counts if you bring an approved voter ID to the registrar’s office within six days of the election.

“I think this is a very unpleasant election that we’re engaged in right now,” Glenn said. “And so everybody needs to get out and vote so that, later on, when they’re complaining, they can at least say they voted.”

Some people still prefer to mail in their votes. You need to take care of that by Oct. 28.