HOUSTON- The "I Voted" sticker is being worn with pride for many voters.

Isaac Vasquez said he was so disappointed his polling place ran out of stickers, that he had a friend in El Paso mail him some.

But Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart said voters need not to worry about that here.

"I ordered 2 million stickers, that's more voters than we'll have," said Stanart.

He also designed his own.

"I figured we need to do our own," said Stanart. "I personally designed the one for Harris County and they've been very popular."

But this "I Voted" sticker is a recent election day tradition that has taken on a deeper meaning this election.

Hundreds lined up to put them on the headstone of Susan B. Anthony, the American activist, who fought for the women's suffrage movement more than a 100 years ago, but never voted herself.

"It's because you can show the world that you voted, and also, you know you voted, so if things don't go the way you want it to.. you can always say, don't blame me, I voted," said Stanart.