HOUSTON – The first few days of early voting shattered records in Harris County.

Officials expected to see more of the same on the first weekend of early voting.

“The record of in-person voting in early voting is 87,000,” said Harris County’s Clerk Stan Stanart on Friday. “We are likely to break that record on this Saturday.”

In order to keep wait times under 30 minutes, 20 additional lap tops were sent to several of the county’s busiest polling places.

The additional resources seemed to pay off at the Metropolitan Multi-Services Center in Montrose.

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“I was expecting some line, and I brought a magazine to read just in case. It went real quickly,” said Bernice Blum-Miller.

“I actually expected a really long line, but as soon as I got in there, I voted,” said Elizabeth Richey.

Despite a steady stream of voters, most people were in and out of the polling place in under 10 minutes.

However, election officials expect the turnout to surge again next week.

They say additional workers will be on hand during the last days of early voting to keep the lines moving.