It was an explosive presidential debate Sunday evening where both candidates came out on the attack. It made for a busy night for our team of fact checkers in the KHOU 11 newsroom.

Hillary Clinton jabbed Donald Trump early on for his history of comments against women.

"We have seen him insult women," said Clinton. "We've seen him rate women on their appearance, ranking them from 1 to 10. We've seen him embarass women on TV, on Twitter."

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KHOU 11 fact checkers found plenty of examples to back Clinton's claim.

Just last week, Trump fired off a series of tweets attacking former Miss Universe Alicia Machado accusing her of having a terrible past and of appearing in a sex tape.

And in August of 2015, Trump spoke to The New York Times and said Heidi Klum was no longer a 10. So Clinton's claim here is true.

Trump didn't waste any time firing back. He jabbed at Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton.

"If you look at Bill Clinton, mine were words, his was action," said Trump. "Nobody in the history of politics in this nation has been so abusive to women...Bill Clinton was abusive to women."

Fact checkers found there have been several allegations of sexual assaults by former employees of President Clinton. But no accusations have ever been proven. Clinton did settle a sexual harassment case with Paula Jones out of court in 1998.

That same year Monica Lewinsky had a consensual affair with Clinton. Though inappropriate, it was not abuse. This Trump claim is misleading.

The debate did eventually shift to policy and talk of taxes.

"His plan will give the wealthy and corporations the biggest tax cuts they have ever had," said Clinton. "More than the Bush tax cuts by at least the factor of two."

Clinton's claim here is half true.

An analysis of Trump's tax plan by the Tax Policy Center would cut taxes at all income levels including the middle class, but the largest benefits would go to the higher income households.

"Our taxes are so high, just about the highest in the world, and I'm bringing them down to one of the lowest in the world," said Trump.

Trump's claim is also half-true.

When it comes to personal taxes in the U.S., the country ranks in the middle of the pack. That's according to government data from the World Bank in 2014. However U.S. corporate taxes are among the highest in the world.

Clinton and Trump wrestled with a lot more at the debate, topics like the economy, healthcare and Syria.

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