DALLAS -- Donald Trump came to Texas Tuesday to "fuel the engine, to keep that campaign running," according to Trump's national finance co-chairman Roy Bailey.

He traveled with Trump on a whirlwind fundraising trip in two Texas cities.

"Two stops -- San Antonio and Dallas -- and we've raised over $5 million," Bailey said.

Trump touched down at Dallas Love Field late Tuesday afternoon, traveling by motorcade to the Hilton Dallas Lincoln Center Hotel for a private fundraiser. He was on the ground about two hours, before heading to Florida for an evening rally.

It was a test of his fundraising draw after a tumultuous few days. An explosive 2005 open mic video put Trump on the defensive, with many leaders in his own party pulling their support over his offensive remarks. Then, Trump faced Hillary Clinton in a fiery debate Sunday night.

Roy Bailey

"The money picked up after the debate tremendously," Bailey said. "So, there's been no negative effect from the weekend drama."

He said he thinks the timing of the tape's release on Friday may have given supporters time to assess what they heard and what it means in the grander scheme of things.

"I think. maybe over the weekend, people may have taken a quick breath and then the more they thought about it, they thought, 'You know, we've got to move forward We've got to win this thing,'" Bailey said.

Outside the Hilton, Trump faithful said they're committed to his candidacy with their vote and their financial support.

"It just shows we all care and we're in for the fight," said supporter Mary Ann Collins.

Trump now trails Clinton in national polls, but supporters said they were encouraged to hear him in person.

"I don't believe the polls. I believe Mr. Trump will win," said supporter Linda Myers, who attended the fundraiser. "The grassroots is going to win this election."