HOUSTON - The Green Party's candidate for president, Dr. Jill Stein, was in Houston courting voters on Saturday. Stein spoke to supporters at The Last Concert Cafe near downtown.

She's hoping voters who can't decide between Clinton and Trump will consider third parties.

"I think our country needs some major drastic change," said Fernando Galven, who told us he supports Trump.

"I would prefer Clinton," said Juan Sarmiento, standing with his father near downtown.

No matter which way you lean, some people are ready for it all to end.

"Pick your poison, is what I'm saying, pick your poison," said Ronisha Johnson, who is undecided.

"I think there's too much bickering and back and forth going on right now," said Deidre Echols, another voter.

"I'm following it, I'm kinda just to the point, I want the election to occur so it's over, all the negative coverage in the media," said Stephen Michalik, another voter.

However, third party candidates are hoping to turn it into a positive. Undecided voters could be their biggest boost.

In our exclusive Tegna poll, Trump at 47 percent has a slight edge in Texas over Clinton at 43 percent, but it's within the margin of error.

Libertarian Gary Johnson took 3 percent and Green Party Dr. Jill Stein came in at 1 percent.

"It appears that voting for Johnson or Stein candidacy and the Green Party probably takes one or two points away from Hillary Clinton not from Donald Trump," said Bob Stein, KHOU Political Expert.

For third parties struggling to stay on the map, they'll take every opportunity they can get. Even, if it's still from undecided voters.

"I'll consider anything except for a straight vote, but I haven't decided yet," said Johnson.

Stein is currently touring Texas. She also has stops in El Paso, San Antonio and Austin.