The day after a decisive victory almost every pollster didn't see coming, we hit the road with an Uber driver named Lanny.

"A lot of people saying they want to move to Canada," Lanny said.

We wanted to have a candid, unscripted conversation with anyone who hopped in.

"A lot of people feel uneasiness," Sandi said.

People like Sandi sounded off on Clinton and Trump and her own emotions the day after the political world exploded.

"Realistically I didn't think he would win, I thought it'd be close, but I thought Clinton would take it," Sandi said.

Sandi didn't vote. Neither did our driver, Lanny. They say they were disgusted by both options. But Faith did.

"I prayed and I went to sleep," said Faith.

She, like millions of Americans, woke up to headlines they never thought were possible.

"What's done is done, we got to roll with it," said Faith.

In the backseat with a complete stranger, you can learn a lot about America, a nation split about which road to follow, but willing to accept America's choice and move forward together.

"Our nation is so divided," said Sandi. "No matter who won we would have felt uneasy."