HOUSTON- More than a thousand miles from Washington D.C., 87-year-old Ann Lee is still proud to be a Republican.

"This is the third one going up," she said, as she put up another Trump sign in the front yard.

Lee is doing what a lot of GOP lawmakers aren't. She's sticking with Donald Trump even after his 2005 video that captured lewd comments about women and sexual assault.

"Nothing good or proper about what he said," said Lee. "But he's a human being who made a mistake and he made it 11 years ago."

Staying loyal to Trump hasn't been easy.

"I don't think he's been a good candidate as I wish he would have been," said Lee.

At last night's debate Trump needed to do damage control to keep voters just like Lee in his corner. Trump apologized and it was enough to keep Lee's vote.

"Yes, he's made it harder for us to support him, but it hasn't changed my opinion that that's what we need to do and vote Trump," said Lee.

So with just under a month until Election Day, Lee is busy replacing the stolen Trump signs from her front yard as a sign of solidarity. She's urging fellow Republicans to stand strong.

"If you don't vote, you're voting for Hillary," said Lee. "We have to think of the consequences of Hillary and that's the scariest thing yet."

So far two Texas representatives, Congressman Will Hurd and Congresswoman Kay Granger have publicly stated they won't support Trump. They just don't think he can win. Lee's an eternal optimist, she says if Republicans stay together, Trump's got a shot.

KHOU reached out to the Harris County GOP several times over the weekend and Monday but did not hear back.

Texas Republicans still supporting Trump: Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Gov. Greg Abbott, Rep. Pete Olson, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator John Cornyn.

Not returning emails: Rep. John Culberson, Rep. Ted Poe, Rep. Kevin Brady.