Dozens of members of the Texas House of Representatives surrounded Representative Dennis Bonnen (R-Angleton) as he called on the federal government to reimburse Texas more than $2.8 billion for its efforts to secure the Texas-Mexico border.

Bonnen said the $2,821,389,365 is a combination of education, healthcare, and criminal justice costs the state comptroller estimates Texas has spent on undocumented immigrants. That total includes $1,410,563,257 that has gone to the Department of Public Safety, which sent troopers from the communities they normally work in towards the border.

Regardless of how successful efforts have been, Bonnen said the federal government should pay Texas back.

"Federal government's got to do their job. The federal government's got to step up, meet their constitutional requirement and do their job. And we're all here to tell ya, we're begging them to do it. We would love to have the opportunity to appropriate these funds to other opportunities that are our job," said Bonnen.

Bonnen specifically called on President Obama's administration to pay the $2.8 billion, despite the fact that his term is ending. But he added the request will carry over to President-elect Trump, who many Republicans believe will carry out his campaign promise to put more resources toward securing the border.