Texas State Senator Don Huffines (R- Dallas) along with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick filed a bill that will give the surviving spouse of a fallen first responder property tax relief in the form of total exemption.

According to a press release, Huffines joined with fellow Dallas-area Senators to file Senate Bill 15.

The bill comes after the July 7, 2016 ambush-style murders of five first responders in Dallas, and the recent murder of a San Antonio police officer.

Huffines released the following statement:

"In light of the tragic and senseless murder of five Dallas first responders on July 7, 2016, I’m honored to offer this small but meaningful measure of support for fallen first responders’ families, and I'm so proud to have this opportunity to unite the bi-partisan Dallas delegation of Texas Senators in support of this critically important effort.

Texas must honor the men and women of law enforcement who have given their lives in defense of our liberty, our constitution, and the rule of law. These men and women dedicate themselves to protecting Texans, so Texas should protect their families in turn. Removing the burden of property taxes from the shoulders of a fallen first responder’s family is a tangible way to show our gratitude for their sacrifice. A family who has already lost so much should never have to worry about losing their home because of property taxes.

This is a logical and necessary extension of the property tax exemption we offer to the surviving spouses of U.S. service members who are killed in action. I thank Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick for making this a priority for the 2017 Texas Senate, and for lending his leadership, time, and energy to this idea."

In 2013, voters by a margin of 87 percent to 13 percent approved Proposition 1, a tax exemption on residences of service members killed in action.