Major cities around the country are in the process of taking down or considering taking down monuments that honor the Confederacy.

In Austin, one state representative is calling for the removal of a plaque that sits just steps from his office in the State capitol.

This week, Rep. Eric Johnson (D-Dallas) sent a passionate letter to the Texas State Preservation Board requesting the "Children of the Confederacy Creed" plaque to be stripped from the wall.

In his letter he says, his new office at the capitol is about 40 steps away from a plaque that honors the Confederacy.

Representative Johnson says the plaque -- which was erected in 1959 -- has no rightful place in the hallways of the most powerful house in the state.

The Children of the Confederacy say they are honoring the soldiers who fought and "pledge to preserve the pure ideals... to teach and study the truths of history," saying the war between the states was not a rebellion or "cause to sustain slavery".

Representative Johnson says this simply isn't true. The letter was written to the State Preservation Board Executive Director and was copied to Governor Greg Abbott as well. Representative Johnson said he wants to start a conservation to remove all iconography from the capitol complex.

At this time, Governor Abbott is in opposition, Representative Johnson released this statement today:

"To my knowledge, Governor Abbott has not articulated any specific opposition to the removal of the historically inaccurate Confederate plaque near my capitol office. I remain hopeful that the Governor will meet with me to discuss this matter."

House Speaker Joe Straus just released a statement saying he'd like to see the State Preservation Board review the accuracy of the signs and monuments around the capitol. He says he will work with Representative Johnson and others on the issue.