With so much emphasis put on who you should be voting for, KHOU 11 News wanted to know, who’s electing to abstain from decision 2016?

Our Josh Marshall scouted Buffalo Bayou Park for people refusing to vote. Forty-five minutes passed before running into Carlos Ortiz.

“Well, I’m not voting because I guess I’m displeased with both,” Ortiz said.

With an election cycle chocked full of controversy, Ortiz believes there are many others electing to abstain. O’Reen Johnson voted early but understands why voters like Ortiz are hesitant to cast their vote.

“People are having trouble with this election because both parties are despicable,” Johnson said.

One more story emerged from Buffalo Bayou Park -- a love story of some-sorts.

“We’re not voting,” Michael Twinning said. “We live in Arlington, Virginia, not Texas.”

A medical emergency forced Twinning and his wife, Kendall, to Houston after their state’s absentee ballot registration deadline.

“We love each other, but we were going to vote for different people,” Twinning said.