HOUSTON- On Monday, Harris County’s top election official said he’s bumping up turnout projections for Election Day after the county’s record-breaking early voting turnout of just under 1 million people.

Stan Stanart, Harris County Clerk, said he’s expecting 500,000 people to vote countywide on Tuesday and warns the lines could be long. However, he says if voters have a plan and are smart about when and where they go, it can make the whole process go much more smoothly.

Stanart’s number one tip for voters: make sure they’re at the right polling place. Harris County voters must vote in their precinct on Election Day and can double check their location here.

The County Clerk recommends going around mid-morning or mid-afternoon, if possible. Once at the polls, Stanart, urges voters to make sure they double check their vote in each race before casting their ballot.

“The machine is doing exactly what you tell it to do,” said Stanart. “Some people are voting with two hands and turning the dial at the same time they’re hitting the buttons. Some people are doing the emphasis voting, where they vote straight party, and they come around and make sure I want to get my candidate for president selected, and they’re actually de-selecting it.”

For people that do not live in Harris County and are planning on voting Tuesday, Galveston, Fort Bend, Brazoria, and Wharton Counties allow voting at any location on Election Day.

Anyone with questions should double-check their county clerk’s website or KHOU’s voting guide.

To help get themselves and other voters through the lines more quickly, Stanart recommends printing off and filling out sample ballots from HarrisVotes.org and taking it with them to the polls.

Finally, Stanart reminds voters to leave the political clothing or pins at home, as they are not allowed within 100 feet of the polling site.

Voter Guide: Everything you need to know