AUSTIN, Texas- An interfaith religious group protested the "bathroom bill" on the steps of the state Capitol Tuesday.

About 200 demonstrators rallied and held signs as several speakers took to the podium. The group, called Texas Impacts, is made up of Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders.

"So don't be fooled by the lies and the hate being told inside," said Griff Martin with the First Baptist Church of Austin. "All of us baptists don't think alike. And we are here today to make our voice heard."

They are protesting SB3 which requires people use public government bathrooms according to their birth gender. The group says about 2,000 clergy have endorsed their position.

"Regardless of your gender or your sex, I call upon the governor of Texas and the legislature," said Mufti Mohamed-Umer Esmail with Nueces Mosque. "Enough is enough, enough of the transphobia. Y'all means all."

Opponents say the bill discriminates against transgender people, whereas supporters say it's about safety.

A house and senate version of the bill are being debated during the special session. There was no advancement on either bill Tuesday.

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