A state law could stop Texas cities from removing Confederate statues.

A state senator filed a bill on Tuesday with the aim of protecting historical monuments. The legislation would prevent any statue that’s existed for at least 40 years from being removed, altered, or renamed.

The statue at Travis Park in San Antonio would fall under that law.

On Monday, city council members Robert Trevino and Cruz Shaw filed a request to move it out of the park. On Wednesday, both said that the proposed bill is intrusive, unnecessary, and a distraction from other issues.

“San Antonio’s municipal government should not be undermined by State officials, especially those that do not have the fortune of living in our great, inclusive city,” said Councilman Shaw in a statement. “SB 112 is not seeking to preserve history, but rather to strip municipalities of their voices in how history is displayed. As I have mentioned before – a city like San Antonio should have symbolism that is representative of our diverse community.”