DALLAS -- The turkey dinner this year might get a little awkward at tables around the country.

The tense and passionate political season may not only have divided the nation, but families. USA Today recently reported some family members have found themselves “uninvited” to Thanksgiving due to differences of political opinion.

Travelers flying out of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport said they hope to avoid political discussions but have back-up plans in mind if things start to boil over.

“I think I will probably excuse myself to the ladies room and let them deal with it,” said Samantha Strelitz. She hopes her new 4-month old nephew will be the topic of conversation rather than the recent election.

Matt Yordi expects politics to come up but is depending on his uncle to keep everyone on line.

“He is in charge and he will put a stop to it and make sure we keep our drinking to a minimum,” said Yordi.

Political debate will not happen at Barry and Annette Marsh’s family celebration. Annette thinks getting family together could be exactly what heals the country rather than divide it.

“The way for our country to get better is for individual people to be with their family and friends, not the government.”

Wednesday morning, the hashtag #HowToAvoidPoliticsAtDinner started trending on twitter with people offering clever, funny, or often crude ways to handle the situation if tempers start to flare.

Stick Sweet Potato casserole in your ears

— WhoGivesACluckyCluck (@RobertOmegaDoom) November 23, 2016