To win the White House, the magic number is 270 electoral votes. And with just hours until the polls open, Hillary Clinton is at 264, Donald Trump is at 197. Both candidates are shy of the 270 they need to win the presidency.

So how does Clinton get to 270? She's got a lot of pathways and options on the table. All she has to do is one of the battleground states, places like Nevada, Florida, North Carolina, or Ohio. If she wins just one of those and holds all the traditional blue states, Clinton becomes the next President.

KHOU political analyst Bob Stein says it's a much easier road for the Democratic nominee.

"There's so many paths for her to win the presidency, and so few for him," Stein said. "I don't want to say it'd be shocking, but it'd be very surprising if Donald Trump is our next president."

Trump's path to 270 is a bit more complicated, but not impossible. He needs to have a huge Election Day. The campaign has little room for error. He needs to run the table and win every battleground state, but even if he does that, it still doesn't get him to the magic number.

To win and make it to 270, Trump needs to take a blue state and turn it red. He can do that in a state like Colorado, but lately Trump's invested time and energy into Michigan and Pennsylvania. If he flips one of those blue states and sweeps the battlegrounds, Trump will become the 45th President of the United States.

"Everybody seems to expect her to win, including a lot of the Trump people," Stein said. "But a surprise could happen. Hurricanes can happen. For Donald Trump a lot has to come together perfectly and it has to happen on Election Day."

Trump holds his final campaign rally in Michigan on Monday night. Clinton will close out her campaign and hold a massive rally with the Obama's in Philadelphia Monday night too.