(CBS NEWS) -- A Texas state lawmaker has proposed a law that critics say would force schools to out gay students against their will to their parents.

State Rep. Konni Burton filed Senate Bill 242 just days after Donald Trump was elected president, amid increasing reports of harassment and violence against minorities across the country.

In part, the bill calls for parents to be entitled to:

(1)access to all written records of a school district concerning the parent ’s child, including:

(A)A[(1)]attendance records;

(B)A[(2)]test scores;


(D)A[(4)]disciplinary records;

(E)A[(5)]counseling records;

(F)A[(6)]psychological records;

(G)A[(7)applications for admission;

(H)A[(8)health and immunization information;

(I)A[(9)]teacher and school counselor evaluations; [and]

(J)A[(10)]reports of behavioral patterns; and

(K)other records relating to the child ’s general

physical, psychological, or emotional well-being

Elliott Griffin, Burton’s chief of staff, told the Houston Chronicle the bill was “written in response to the Fort Worth school district issuing new guidelines about transgender students.”

The guidelines required schools to recognize students based on their gender of choice while allowing them to use the bathroom of their choice. Griffin said those guidelines also limit parents’ access to information about their children.

In an op-ed about the Forth Worth guidelines, Burton said: “Our schools are a place of learning; they are not replacements for the support and love of the family.”

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