HOUSTON- Nearly 1500 people became U.S. citizens on Wednesday afternoon, and although they won’t be able to vote this year they are following the election.

The League of Women Voters of the Houston Education Fund says more than 1300 of these new Americans registered to vote on the spot.
One couple recently left Venezuela in 2007 because of the political and economic unrest.

"My career, our life as a couple, safer conditions and more opportunities for the kids,” said Hector Escalante.

They say no matter how ridiculous the mudslinging and fiery debates appear, there's a different perspective from the outside.

"Both sides can tell whatever they want in the way they want,” said Escalante. “That's a right and a privilege that some places don't have."

Laxmi and Baanu Dahal also related. They fled Bhutan, a country bordering India, when they were young boys and spent 15 years in refugee camps in Nepal.

While they admitted the debates can seem immature, they said their family and friends far away still see America as the land of the free.