HOUSTON - The Trump administration playing defense a day after President Trump falsely claimed the media isn't reporting on terror attacks. Trump made the claim in his first speech to troops Monday.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer clarified the President's comments saying Trump meant to say the media doesn't give some attacks the attention they deserve. The White House released a list of 78 terror attacks across the globe that it claims the media often ignores.

KHOU wanted to verify the President's claim. Archive video disproves Trump's claim time and time again. Every major attack has been reported on like the mass shooting in San Bernadino, California in December 2015, and the coordinated attack on Paris one month earlier. Often times coverage has included local angles as well to ensure viewers know exactly what's going on and how a specific attack impacts them.

Even smaller foiled attacks like the one just last week at the Louvre in Paris have received coverage.

The evidence is overwhelming. It's prompted other major news organizations across the country to dig up tapes of their own to face check the President. The headline is not going away anytime soon. Tuesday afternoon, Trump, even in the face of evidence the media is not covering up terror attacks, refused to back down.

"I happen to know how dishonest the media is," said Trump. "I understand the dishonesty of the media better than anybody and I let people know it. The media is a very dishonest arm, let's see what happens."

CBS News has reported on 74 percent of the attacks on the list.