Deputies in Montgomery County questioned a man who sat near a polling place Tuesday with a gun and an offensive sign.

Several voters complained about the man sitting in a lawn chair near the corner neighborhood center on Imperial Oaks, south of the Woodlands.

His sign included a derogatory term for gay people.

A mother who had her children at a nearby playground was upset about the vulgar sign.

A man in a Trump hat and wig and platform shoes showed up yelling "Trump, Trump, Trump!" at a Montgomery County polling place. 

"Maybe people could be violent about it. Maybe they could become dangerous around my children,” she said. “Maybe my son could read it and ask me one day,’Mommy, what does that mean?’"

Precinct 3 deputies handcuffed the man and questioned him. But they determined he didn’t break any laws by having a gun because he was far enough away from the polling place. Texas law bans guns at polling places but the law is fuzzy when it comes to the distance.

A man in a Trump hat and wig and platform shoes also showed up yelling "Trump, Trump, Trump!"

The voting machines went down at the same polling location Tuesday morning, but they were fixed.