HOUSTON- A day after one of the most controversial elections in history, many people seemed to be wearing their feelings on their sleeves. For some minorities in Houston, the results gave them a feeling of hope.

Hugo, a man originally from Mexico, drove by on his lunch break.

“Arriba Señor Trump. El Presidente!!!!” yelled one man in Spanish.

He told KHOU, he is thrilled about Donald Trump as America’s new president, despite his thoughts and plans for a wall along the Mexican border.

“Puedes poner millones de paredes y la gente vas a ir pasando,” said Hugo.

Hugo essentially said, one can put up millions of walls, but the people will still come to America. He hopes if people immigrate to the US, work hard and pay their taxes, then perhaps they can stay.

Linda Nguyen has her immigrant parents to thank for her life in Houston.

“My parents escaped here to America in a boat,” said Nguyen.

She owns Roostar Vietnamese grill, perhaps a nod to mom and dad’s home country.

“They came here just to get away from communism and when they arrived here they took the time to get citizenship.”

Nguyen’s employee, Danny Hernandez, wants to become a citizen too. He is technically a resident, but many years ago, he and his mom came to America illegally. He was 2 years old when they moved.

“Sometimes people come illegally and they’re trying to find a better life,” said Hernandez.

First he was a dishwasher at Nguyen’s restaurant. Recently, he was promoted to a manager position.

He admitted he worried about Trump’s immigration plans as they relate to Mexico and Latin America.

“We’re gonna see how it’s going to affect both countries in the long run.”

There were so many different people and stories, but they shared the same message:

“I have hope for the future, that’s what I would say,” said Hernandez.