In one of his first moves as mayor, Ron Nirenberg signed a resolution to combat climate change in San Antonio. He joins mayors across the country in opposition to President Trump's decision to drop out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

In all, 331 cities have partnered with San Antonio, adopting the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

"We have to work on increasing the renewables in the CPS energy portfolio and the other big one that we have to accomplish is building a modern transportation system for the City of San Antonio. Sitting in grid lock is a pain on quality of life, but it's also poor for the environment," Mayor Nirenberg said.

As part of his climate action plan, Mayor Nirenberg plans to increase the number of hybrids in the city's fleet and explore rail transit. The resolution comes just weeks after President Trump announced he would withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement to reduce carbon emissions. The mayor says that despite the federal government's stance, he believes tackling climate change should remain a non-political issue.

"That's the importance of the resolution that was passed by council on Thursday is the recognition by this entire body that no matter what the politics are in D.C. and in Austin, we're going to continue to do what we do well," he said.

The president of CPS Energy also announced a partnership with UTSA to study greenhouse gas emissions and make specific recommendations to the city on how to reduce those emissions.

San Antonio's director of military affairs said that signing a climate resolution like this one is not only good for public health, the environment, and the economy, it's also important for national security. He says that bases across the world have been damaged or closed because of weather disasters as a result of climate change.