(CBS NEWS) -- A slight majority of American voters, 56 percent, believe that President Trump is not "fit to serve as president," according to a poll released Wednesday from Quinnipiac University. Just 42 percent of respondents have faith in Mr. Trump's fitness for office.

This opinion differs according to party, however. Ninety-four percent of Democrats say that Mr. Trump is unfit for the White House, while 84 percent of Republicans polled believe that he is fit for the position.

There is also a difference of opinion by gender. Men are divided on the subject 49 to 49 percent, while 63 percent of women responded that Mr. Trump is not fit, compared to the 35 percent who believe he is.

Racial demographics also demonstrate widely divergent opinions on Mr. Trump's fitness for the presidency. Among white voters, 50 percent say he is fit for the position. The vast majority of black voters -- 94 percent -- and 60 percent of Hispanic voters say that Mr. Trump is unfit.

Within this realm, 62 percent of all those polled disapprove of the way the president "is handling race relations." The white voters polled disapprove at a lower rate, but still a majority: 55 percent.

Overall, 57 percent "disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling his job as President" thus far, while 36 percent approve.

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