Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick announced Monday morning that he will run again in 2018 -- but not against his "friend," Gov. Greg Abbott.

He made an official announcement to run for re-election after rumors that he would run for governor against Abbott, a fellow Republican.

"I'm not running against Greg Abbott, not in 18, not ever, if he wants to be governor for the next 20 years and I'm still running, that's the same story, what would be the point? I like what I do," said Patrick.

He called Abbott is his friend and ally, and he thinks they make a great team.

"We are a great team, we work well together, we agree 96, 97 percent of the time, I can't even name the 3 percent that we don't but I don't want the 100 percent," said Patrick.

Patrick acknowledged that lawmakers typically make these announcements after the session is over, but he said he wants to set the rumors straight so there aren't any "distractions" during the legislative session.

"I don't know who's stirring the pot, but it's nonsense and it needs to stop," said Patrick.

Even though Abbott hasn't announced that he will run for re-election, Patrick said he wants to be first to endorse Abbott for Governor.

If Abbott decides to not run for re-election, Patrick said he will maybe re-evaluate his decision at that time.

Patrick also squashed rumors that he's taking a position in President-elect Donald Trump's administration, or running for Ted Cruz's U.S. Senate seat.

At Monday's press conference he said he has more than $13.6 million dollars on hand for his re-election campaign. He told reporters he thinks that means he has strong support from grass roots efforts, and business leaders.

"Put it in cement, I'm not in 2018, and never running against Greg Abbott for governor, he's a great governor, we make a great team, we're conservative partners, and we're going to have, despite a tight budget, we're going to have another great conservative session," said Patrick.

As for any election past 2018, Patrick said he isn't ready to discuss that at this time.