It's a 5-minute ride to a busy Houston intersection, and coach Charly Walh pedals with purpose there everyday.

"Rain, cold, hot, I don't care," Wahl said. "I stand in earnest protest against a man I don't believe should be President of the United States."

He's been near the corner of Bellaire and Chimney Rock for the last 454 days, ever since Donald Trump made his way down an escalator and rocked the political world by calling Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists.

"This man, oh my gosh, when he says what he says, he can't say stuff like that," Wahl said.

Wahl had seen enough.

"That's when I made my sign and started a one-man protest," Wahl said.

But standing up to Trump hasn't been easy.

"I have battle scars," Wahl said. "They have actually come by and thrown things at me, they throw milkshakes when they leave McDonald's, some throw rocks at me."

He doesn't say a word. Only whistles. And he hasn't missed a day yet.

"It's very personal to me, sir," Wahl said.

In his back pocket is the reason why. Wahl keeps a small piece of paper, now frayed and torn, with the names of the soccer players he coaches every week.

"Mr. Trump doesn't know my kids and their families," Wahl said. "What he said was out of line."

On the list, names like Alvarez and Reyes, Hispanic youngsters that Coach Charly believes deserve a chance at the American dream.

"These are good people," Wahl said. "Sure, some are undocumented, but they're good, hardworking Christians."

Now with a few days to Election Day, this proud U.S. veteran says the rhetoric is heating up, but he's not slowing down.

"I only got five more days and intend to continue my mission," Wahl said.

Wahl's 458 day mission ends Tuesday when America makes its choice.