AUSTIN, Texas- It's day five of the Texas legislature's special session, and lawmakers are busy getting through their long agenda.

Here’s a breakdown to some of the hot button issues:

First, Senate Bill 3, or the “bathroom bill,” which requires people to use restrooms matching the gender on their birth certificate.

  • Despite 10 hours of testimony from opponents, the Senate committee approved the bill Friday with an 8-1 vote.
  • It's now headed to the full Senate, and eventually House, where the measure is expected to face some opposition.

And Saturday morning, a large group of teachers spent their day outside the capitol to protest public tax dollars being allowed to go to private and charter schools, saying it does nothing to improve public education.

  • They are talking about Senate Bill 2, which would give scholarships, worth up to $10,000 to students with disabilities to attend private schools.
  • It would also give $500 a year for those who stay in public schools to pay for expenses, like transportation and after school care.
  • The “private school choice” bill is also headed to the full Senate.

Finally, abortion regulations could get tighter in Texas.

  • Friday, three abortion measures passed the Senate Health & Human Services Committee.
  • The most talked about of those is Senate Bill 4, which would restrict any local government entities from partnering up with an abortion provider, like Planned Parenthood, and their affiliates.
  • By the way, it's already illegal for tax payer dollars to be used in abortion procedures.

There are now just 25 days left for legislatures to get through the 20-items on their agenda.