WASHINGTON — Sen. Tim Kaine said he's already reaching out to Republicans as the Democratic vice presidential hopeful looks for ways to repair damage done between the two parties during the divisive race for the White House.

"We have not run this campaign as a campaign against the GOP with the big broad brush — we've run it against Donald Trump," Kaine told the Associated Press. "We're going to get a lot of Republican votes, and that will also be part of, right out of the gate, the way to bring folks back together."

In an interview, Kaine said Saturday that he and Hillary Clinton have already discussed how to work with Republicans if they win the presidential election against Trump and his running-mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, in a little more than two weeks. He said that tackling economic anxieties, finding common policy ground with the GOP, and perhaps bringing Republicans into the administration would be elements of unity, though he added that he and Clinton did not discuss cabinet positions, the AP reported.

Kaine, who is in his fourth year as a senator from Virginia after serving as the state’s governor, said Clinton is stepping up efforts to help Democrats recapture Senate control, but he hasn't made a specific pitch for a Democratic Senate. He's focusing his efforts on finding policies Republicans and Democrats can agree on.

"I have very good relations with Republicans in the Senate," Kaine said. "There's some people who really want to get some good work done."