The Republican National Committee attempted to highlight Democrats' lack of solutions over problems with Obamacare on Wednesday, but a question directed at Hillary Clinton, likely didn’t go as planned.

The RNC tweeted the challenge to Clinton:

Clinton responded with a link to her 2016 presidential campaign website, where there was a bullet-point version of a health care plan that would keep Obamacare and further expand Medicaid.

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that 23 million people will not have health coverage by 2026 under the repeal and replacement plan the House passed in May. The Senate is working on a plan of their own — the last CBO-scored version had 22 million people without insurance — but the narrow majority Republicans hold is making it difficult for them to come to consensus on a bill of their own.

If they want their legislation to pass, Republicans can’t lose more than two votes in the Senate. No Democrats are expected to vote to repeal former president Barack Obama’s signature health care law and Republicans have so far limited the legislation drafting process to members of their party.

The RNC attempted to put the responsibility on Democrats in multiple emails and tweets Wednesday.