Houston, TX – Heights residents have voted in favor of a proposition to allow beer and wine sales in the dry neighborhood for the first time in over 100 years.

Only 10,393 residents who live in the dry zone were eligible to vote on Proposition 1.

According to the Harris County Clerk, 64 percent of voters said they were for the measure, while 36 percent were against it.

Alcohol sales had been illegal within the boundaries of the historic neighborhood since 1912.

The push to reverse the law started when H-E-B showed interest in opening a new location on Shepherd Dr. in the dry zone.

H-E-B executives said they would only consider the new location if they can sell beer and wine – two of their most profitable products.

A group called the Houston Heights Beverage Coalition, which is backed by H-E-B, launched the effort to pass Proposition 1.

Then weeks before the election, some Heights residents formed a “Keep the Heights Dry” movement to fight the change.

The opposition group thought changing the law would change the neighborhood by opening the door to more chains and corner stores moving in.

Despite the grassroots effort to stop Prop. 1, the measure passed with an easy majority on election night.

The new ordinance does not change existing laws for restaurants or liquor sales.