Thursday marks five days until election day, and Friday is the last chance voters will have to get their vote in early.

However, even before the election ends, counties across Texas are breaking records.

Fort Bend County just surpassed its all-time high for early voting, with about two out of every five registered voters casting ballots. Now election officials predict another 40,000 voters will come through the polls by the time early voting ends at 7 p.m. Friday.

In all, officials believe a little more than half of the county's more than 400,000 registered voters will cast their ballot early.

"I used to be an election official in the Midwest, so I have lots of friends up there, and I hear from them that their numbers are doing the same thing,” said John Oldham, Election Administrator for Fort Bend County. “All over the country people are voting in huge numbers."

Oldham thinks the county’s record voter registration, with 70,000 more residents signed up to vote than during the 2012 presidential election, could be driven by both the county’s population boom and a polarizing presidential race.

Oldham believes total turnout through Election Day could total around 70 percent in Fort Bend County. On Nov. 8, residents can vote at any of the county’s 83 polling sites and are not limited to their precinct, unlike Harris County and many others.