With one day to go, Harris County’s registrar reports more than 2.2 million registered voters, the most in 10 years. Tuesday is the deadline to register for next month’s presidential election.

Voters can register in person at any county tax office or mail in a registration card postmarked on or before Oct. 11.

Mike Sullivan, the county voter registrar, said the process is easy. So KHOU 11 News went to his office to verify.

Most people were in and out within 10 minutes. However, there was no line. The process does not require people to show their driver’s license or identification. Instead, any resident who is 18 and not a convicted felon or been declared totally or partially mentally incapacitate by a court simply needs to fill out a registration card.

There are 10 questions: Is your application new? Are you a citizen? Are you 18? Write down your name, address and, if you have one, city and county of former residence in Texas. Include your birth date, gender, phone number, either your driver’s license number or the last four digits of your social security number and then sign.

We saw parents registering their kids, which is allowed. In fact, it is what Sullivan’s parents did for him 41 years ago. It is also part of the reason he called the process fun.

“(I remember being told to register by my parents,” Sullivan said with a laugh.

“It’s my first time (registering to vote), and I really want to contribute to the system, because when you don’t contribute, you don’t like the big wigs in office take power. All people need to vote so we can all have a say even if our votes alone don’t make much of a difference," Jordan Hilder said.

“I came to register my 19-year-old daughter,” Esther Villareal said. “It’s a big, big deal. I’ve been watching the debates. I know that with our country the way it is and our belief system, I believe it’s very important for us to come out and just be able to vote on who we want.”

The registration deadline is 5 p.m. Tuesday.


Texas Secretary of State Carlos Cascos advises those who need to register to print out an application, fill it out and mail it to the voter registrar in their county. Go here to electrically fill in and print out the application and go here to find the appropriate address for your county. As long as the application is postmarked by Oct. 11 or earlier, the application should go through.


For those who need to update their information with details such as a new address, go here.


Go here to find out if you are already registered to vote.


Poof! You're registered to vote. Now go here to inform yourself with what's on the ballot. Early voting is Oct. 24 through Nov. 4 and election day is Nov. 8.