(CBS NEWS) - Amid allegations by a number of women accusing Donald Trump of inappropriate sexual advances, and the leaking of a high-level Hillary Clinton campaign official’s emails, CBS News’ latest poll shows that voters are finding weaknesses in both candidates.

Donald Trump’s Comments on Women

Trump has expressed regret for his comments about women in a decade-old video, and said that those comments do not reflect how he views women now. But most voters are skeptical. Fifty-four percent of registered voters and a majority of Democrats (84 percent) and independents (52 percent) think Trump’s comments from eleven years ago are an accurate reflection of how he views women today. Forty percent of voters – including 69 percent of Republicans – disagree.

The Trump campaign has dismissed Trump’s comments on the video as “locker room talk,” indicating the language is typical of how men sometimes talk about women to each other. Voters are divided: 47 percent think Trump’s comments are typical, while 48 percent think they are not. Republicans and Democrats view this matter differently.


A slight majority of both men and women think Trump’s comments on the video reflect his attitude towards women today. Just over half of men reject the notion that his comments are typical of how men sometimes talk about women, while women are split.


Overall, 40 percent of registered voters say they have a worse opinion of Trump as a result of his comments on the video, though most – 56 percent - say their opinion is unchanged. Women (44 percent) are more likely than men (36 percent) to have a worse opinion of Trump as a result of his comments.

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