Artist Alex Krasky has been painting portraits for years, faces that hang in his studio and watch while breathes life into his most important painting yet.

His latest is going to be huge.

Krasky, a Russian immigrant, turned U.S. citizen is an unabashed Donald Trump supporter.

"I adore him," said Krasky. "This guy's the best future president of the United States. The only thing he wants in life is to help America. To make the U.S. the richest, the most powerful. Everybody should support him."

Krasky's been busy trying to capture Trump's larger-than-life persona for the last few months.

"When my wife comes home, she says: ‘Put your brushes away or soon we will be divorced,'" he says.

But his hard work is paying off. His paintings of Trump and his wife are now at the campaign's Houston headquarters.

"Everybody loved it there," said Krasky.

He's hoping Trump loves them, too.

"I hope he will see what I meant when I painted him and his family," said Krasky.

Krasky loves the man and his message. So his work will continue.

Making art, he says, is his way of helping the billionaire make America great again. 

"He represents the hope, the real hope for the United States," said Krasky.